PVC Deck Boards

PVC deck boards are basically plastic boards that contain polyvinyl chloride. Because PVC decks don't have the decades of use hardwood decking has, the jury is still out on their long term performance. However, despite a short track record, there have already been people and even some deck builders who've built PVC decks that claim it's not that it's cracked up to be.

As for the decking itself, when you read over the drawbacks of PVC decking below, you will see why, like composites and ACQ decking, we cannot recommend this option.

Summary of Reported PVC Decking Problems
Despite warping & rot resistance, PVC boards can be very fragile.
Can't be stained, or refinished. Some brands can fade faster than others depending on sun exposure.
Claims of stain resistance don't mean that it won't stain. Lighter colored boards will show stains more than darker PVC decking.
Toxic gases will be released when burned.
When exposed to the sun, PVC will retain heat and can be hot to the touch. Be cautious when walking on PVC deck boards with bare feet.
Very expensive. Can cost more than composites materials and Ipe decking.

Build your slice of outdoor life with true hardwood deck boards.

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PVC deck boards PVC decking Vinyl decking is marketed as durable, but definitely has problems not easily ignored.
PVC Decking