Pressure Treated Deck Boards

Chemically infused decking has been around for decades. Used for both residential and commercial projects, pressure treated pine was pretty much the only decking option & was affordable for many people. Unfortunately, these decks have a proven history of failure.

While the main benefit of pressure treating woods like Yellow Pine is to resist termites and other wood boring insects, the treatment fails to prevent structural defects. You can see exactly what happens to pressure treated deck material over time in the pictures to the right.

Regardless of the chemical makeup, pressure treated deck boards do not weather well.
Many people settle for pressure treated deck boards mainly due to cost.
Pressure treated decking works best as deck framing and post material where exposure to the elements is minimal, thereby increasing its life span and durability.
Splits, cracks, warped deck boards, and decay are inevitable problems linked to pressure treated decking.

Build your slice of outdoor life with true hardwood deck boards.

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