Massaranduba Deck Boards

Massaranduba is an impressive alternative to California Redwood. For starters, just look at that rich velvet red color! It's sure to give your home a striking one-of-a-kind look.

The Massaranduba deck boards sold on this website also come with something extra: one side of the board is smooth, and the other features a stylish anti-slip surface. Add a unique touch to your deck while boosting its safety at the same time!

Massaranduba Decking Benefits Massaranduba Installation & Maintenance Tips
Massaranduba deck boards last over 30 years without heavy treatments, staining, or sealing. Pre-drilling screws is a necessity due to the high density of Massaranduba deck boards.
Scratch, splinter, and slip resistant. Carbide tipped saw blades speed up installation.
Easier to install due to natural cupping & warping resistance. Coat ends of freshly cut boards with a wax-based end sealer to prevent splitting.
Rich scarlet hue leaves a lasting impression. Boost structural integrity & create a smooth, blemish free surface with deck fasteners.
Mold, decay, and termite resistance without chemical treatments. UV inhibitor deck oil application once every two years enhances red color.

Upgrade your lifestyle with Massaranduba deck boards.

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Massaranduba Deck Boards
Massaranduba Deck Boards