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Ipe decking is our most requested material for many reasons. Remarkable color, outstanding durability, safety, and an enduring life span are the major benefits to this all-in-one deck board material. How can a wood be so special?

The answer lies within the wood itself. The combination of tightly woven grain and oils allow for each one of our carefully milled Ipe deck boards to perform and look better than any soft wood or synthetic material in the market today.

Remarkable performance and captivating looks are two more reasons why Ipe deck owners rejoice whenever winter turns to spring. Here are some more Ipe wood benefits & install tips:

Ipe Decking Benefits Ipe Installation & Maintenance Tips
A Janka hardness of 3680 Ipe offers excellent durability, & longevity. Pre-drilling is required due to high density.
Naturally scratch, splinter, and slip resistant texture. Carbide tipped saw blades are recommended when cutting Ipe deck boards.
Ipe decking is less likely to cup & warp due to tight grain, density, and weight. Applying wax-based sealer over freshly cut boards will prevent checking and splits.
Deck boards last 75+ years with no treatment, staining, painting etc. Hidden deck fasteners increase structural integrity & create a smooth, seamless look.
Natural oils in ipe wood make it resistant to termites and other insects. Apply UV inhibitor deck oil once every couple of years will help keep look & color.
Resistance to mold and mildew also comes from these natural oils in the ipe wood. Unfinished hardwood decking looks golden and will mature to a classic silver.

Build your slice of outdoor life with true Ipe deck boards.

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