Garapa Deck Boards

Whenever anyone asks for light-colored decking that is stronger than pine, or cedar, we recommend Garapa deck boards. Originating from South America, a Garapa deck will give you the pleasure of owning a solid, durable, and long-lasting structure. You also get the benefit of having a deck with a luxurious, high-class look, without the high cost.

How does Garapa compare to Pine, or Cedar decking?

Pine and Cedar are very soft woods, prone to checking, splits, and cracks. They also lose their color and weather faster. Garapa features a tight grain and natural oils. These factors give your deck the benefit of being naturally resistant to mold, decay, splits, and even termites. When you combine factors like dazzling color and affordability, it's easy to see why Garapa is such a great value.

Garapa Decking Benefits Garapa Installation & Maintenance Tips
Golden honey colors offer a luxurious, welcoming display. Unfinished deck boards look more golden and eventually mature to a classic silver.
Reliable life span well over 30 years. Using a UV inhibitor deck oil once every couple of years will help keep look & color.
Mold, decay, & insect resistance without harsh chemicals. Using deck fasteners during construction will increase structural integrity.
Naturally slip resistant and perfect for pools & high traffic areas. Use end grain sealer to prevent checking of freshly cut deck boards.
A very inexpensive hardwood decking option.  

Build your slice of outdoor life with true Garapa deck boards.

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