Cumaru Deck Boards

Cumaru decks are proven to withstand the elements better than composites, cedar, and redwood. Did you know that Cumaru is so tough and durable it has a Janka hardness rating of 3540? If you added the Janka rating of both of those woods (Cedar, 350 + Redwood, 420), Cumaru is still over four times stronger!

Strength aside, our customers who install Cumaru deck boards tell us how much they love their new private space, especially since it didn't cost a fortune. In fact, the per lineal foot cost of Cumaru deck boards is significantly less than Ipe, composites and PVC deck brands.

When you combine savings with long-lasting strength qualities, the result is a high performing deck that was installed in line with your budget.

Cumaru Decking Benefits Cumaru Installation & Maintenance Tips
Cumaru deck boards last over 50 years without heavy treatments, staining, or sealing. Pre-drilling screws is a necessity due to the high density of Cumaru deck boards.
Scratch, splinter, and slip resistant. Carbide tipped saw blades speed up installation.
Easier to install due to natural cupping & warping resistance. Coat ends of freshly cut boards with a wax-based end sealer to prevent splitting.
Magnificent reddish brown luster adds instant appeal to any outdoor project. Boost structural integrity & create a smooth, blemish free surface with deck fasteners.
Mold, decay, and termite resistance without chemical treatments. UV inhibitor deck oil application once every two years enhances reddish brown color.

Build your slice of outdoor life with true Cumaru deck boards.

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Cumaru Deck Boards Cumaru Deck Boards Cumaru Deck Boards Cumaru Deck Boards