Cedar Deck Boards

Cedar deck boards are sold as a cheap alternative to composite and harder wood varieties. Cedar has been used for decades and was also known as a better alternative to pressure treated pine. These days, the short term benefits of owning a cedar deck are outweighed significantly by the benefits of hardwood.

Cedar is a middle of the road option that will last longer than pressure treated material. However it does end up looking quite aged with noticeable splits, dents, and cracks. This is due to the fact that Cedar is one of the softest wood decking options. For example, Western Red Cedar has a Janka hardness rating of 350. That rating is 10 times softer than Ipe and Cumaru. This rating proves that a Cedar deck boards offer a much shorter life span and require greater maintenance than those harder decking options.

Because longevity, looks, and durability are critical factors that are so important to our customers, we cannot recommend Cedar decking.

Cedar Decking Benefits Cedar Decking Maintenance Tips
Natural look of wood Ground-level cedar decks degrade faster than above ground level decks
Decent moisture resistance Boards with more sapwood than heartwood can rot faster
Cedar tends to stay straighter than pine Clean & reseal to retain color
Up to 15 year life span Be careful when moving furniture as Cedar deck boards will get scratched up pretty easily
Heartwood is rot resistant Refinishing might be necessary to maintain smooth boards

Build your slice of outdoor life with true hardwood deck boards.

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Cedar deck boards
The fresh look of Cedar Decking lasts a few short years.